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Three Generations,
one and only Idea of Design

An idea was born

In 1982, Ottavio Zennaro and his son Marino established Mariner Rubinetterie to create an Italian company with significant technological content, blending together tradition, craftsmanship and research.

Growth and consolidation

The 1990s saw the consolidation of an industrial reality that positioned itself prominently in the field of designer taps, fittings and thermostatics. The first production site in Omegna (VB) was followed by an expansion with a move to Briga Novarese (NO).

International recognition

Since the end of the 1990s, Mariner Rubinetterie has become a symbol of elegance and quality thanks to its participation in major trade fairs worldwide. The constant growth led the company to invest in the construction of the new and current headquarters in Gravellona Toce (VB) and the purchase of new innovative machinery.

Towards new horizons

The second decade of the new millennium sees the third generation join the company. With Riccardo Zennaro, the company's renewal then moves definitively towards the implementation of responsible practices and materials and the development of new design collections.

Why us?
What distinguishes Mariner Rubinetterie is the holistic approach of the company towards its strategic priorities.

A concept that does not result only in the research of importance and international recognition but also in the creation of a large reservoir of domestic clients, with a view that sees the Italian market as a test bench for all the new products design.