Our Green Policy

Continuous effort aimed to reduce its ecological footprint and maximum attention to new regulations in terms of recycling, energy efficiency and renewable energy are the foundations of the green choice taken by Mariner Rubinetterie. This company mission is a choice that aims at reducing our environmental impact and carbon footprint, both in the creation of the materials as in the production and marketing of our products. With our faucets, respect for the environment becomes an opportunity and responsible design becomes a priority, for a conscious choice with high ethical and social value.

For us at Mariner Rubinetterie, sustainability has become a winning business model and has ceased to be a mere ethical factor as defined by Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). At Mariner Rubinetterie, it is considered responsible and eco-compatible only the product that has passed the necessary texts on all the components needed to create it: materials, energy, production processes and final marketing. In fact, we’ve managed to significantly reduce the impact of our business activity on the ecosystem by intervening on all aspects of production, from the recovery of waste to the optimization of logistics, passing through the use of innovative and more energy-efficient components in production processes.

As an example, not only have we long decided to use energy from alternative sources to power our machinery, but even the packaging has been purposely studied to require as little recyclable cardboard as possible and no plastic. The only other element from recyclable paper is the velvet bag that we use to protect the taps from scratches, fingerprints and dents, which is also reusable. Our goal would be to ensure, both in the short and long term, that all our suppliers meet, verifiably and as regularly as possible, the agreed sustainability requirements. In this way, our green policy will be extended to the entire value chain, favouring the homologation and achievement of our own Sustainable Development Goals.

As proof of the actuality of the issues addressed, Mariner Rubinetterie has already moved to ensure that the technology used in its faucets complies with the regulations present in the Italian budget law 2021 relating to the water saving bonus. In this regard, it will be our care to provide the required documentation as soon as possible, in accordance with the regulations, and inform our customers about every possible application to our products.

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