Choose Your Colour

Our Finishing Touch

Our new collections are proposed in a wide range of finishes with high aesthetic value and proven material quality. Original, customizable and suitable for heterogeneous environments, our finishes range from white to black, through various shades of gold and some special processes and decors. We have a complete set of polished, brushed and satin finishes, which combine to create a range of options that is not too extensive nor too limited, leaving enough room for creativity without compromising the quality standard required by our faucets.

Mariner finitura Cromo Spazzolato

CS | Brushed Chrome

Mariner finitura Nero Opaco

NO | Matte Black

Mariner finitura Grafite

GR | Graphite

Mariner finitura Oro

OR | Gold

OS | Satin Gold

Mariner finitura Bronzo

BR | Bronze

BO | Matte White

Mariner finitura Gun Metal

GM | Gun Metal

Mariner finitura Corten

CO | Corten

Mariner finitura Oro Spazzolato

OB | Brushed Gold

Mariner finitura Rame

RS | Brushed Copper

Mariner finitura Oro Rosa

RG | Rose Gold