Kobra basin mixer matte black

Kobra has won the Red Dot Awards 2021

For forty years Mariner Rubinetterie has been firmly at the helm of the design faucet industry thanks to its constant commitment to promoting innovative and stimulating projects, an effort recognized by Kobra’s victory in the product design category of the Red Dot Awards 2021. Having passed both the judgment of the jury, comprised of industry experts, and the strict admission requirements, from material quality to finish colouring, Kobra has brought brilliant results, surpassing the highest standards of quality and innovation.

Held since 1955 in Germany, the Red Dot Awards ceremony is considered one of the most relevant in the field of design and manufacturing quality. This aesthetic and material recognition of Kobra will also find place on the Red Dot website, the app and the annual publication of the winners, while the faucet will be exhibited at the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen. This important award testifies our hard work and commitment to revolutionize market trends, reinterpreting the historical tradition of Italian Design excellence in a modern key.

Born out of a unique conceptual choice to combine fluid and refined lines, Kobra’s dimension and outlook come into play together to further highlight the triangularity of the lever. This, together with the extensive range of available finishes, are useful elements that make this collection suitable for enhancing the most heterogeneous and demanding contemporary contexts. Completely devoid of excessive elements, this collection fascinates with a perfect blend of clean cuts and impeccable functionality, with its articles combining an innovative and intriguing appeal with a pronounced geometry. Kobra is therefore the result of a particular confluence of artisan know-how, detailed study on the product and Italian entrepreneurial foresight, of which this award testifies the international appreciation and recognition.

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