Mariner Rubinetterie: for a Greener World

Responsible Faucets for a Responsible Lifestyle

The project of our new packaging has received a primary input from the reduction in the use of non-renewable materials and energy sources, so as to favour a lower degree of resource exploitation and a limited polluting impact, both from the point of view of local energy dependence and the full disposal of our final wastes.

Since the foundation of the company, we have been using energy coming from renewable sources, mainly that of the nearby alpine hydroelectric plants. At the same time, we’ve also strived to reduce, where possible, how much CO2 is released by our production, making it more efficient and less polluting. To check every step of the process is optimized, we also analyse the supply and marketing of the product, both at the warehouse level and at the sales and promotion stages of the same.

Water-Saving Technology
Our company has long moved to anticipate the needs of the current ecological transition, bringing the entire production into the new millennium with the ultimate goal of limiting the excessive exploitation of natural resources. All our basin mixers, bidets and various spouts for concealed installation have standard aerators with a flow limiter of up to 5.7 l/m, therefore being a good compromise between good water flow and waste reduction. Our showerheads instead have a limiter of up to 9 l/m, allowing for a meticulous control of water waste for as much as possible in line with international standards.