Story of a Product, History of a Family

Three Generations, Forty Years of History, One and Only Idea of Design

In 1982, Ottavio Zennaro and his son Marino established Mariner Rubinetterie to create an Italian company with significant technological content, blending together tradition, craftsmanship and research. The 90s saw the consolidation of the company: Mariner quickly expanded and started to dedicate ever more attention to designing its own taps, showers and mixers. In the late 90s, by participating in major international trade fairs, Mariner had already become a world-renown symbol of elegance and quality.

Today, having modernised its traditional techniques, Mariner is still reinventing itself, proposing a series of technologically sound and sustainably sourced collections, studied to be both appealing and long-lasting. The constant growth leads the company to invest in the construction of its headquarters in Gravellona Toce (VB), as well as in the purchase of new cutting-edge machinery.

The second decade of the new millennium has seen the third generation fully entering into the business. With Riccardo Zennaro, the company’s renewal is therefore definitely moving towards the implementation of responsible practices and materials, linking to the development of new series and eco-sustainable projects.

Our Roots & Mission
Firmly anchored in Piedmont’s Lake District, Mariner Rubinetterie is a company founded on respecting and protecting the environment with the production of eco-friendly faucets and showers. Aimed at cutting waste and increase energy efficiency, Mariner’s production stands out from the local landscape for the importance given to promoting renewable sources, sustain the local economy and invest directly into making our territory less carbon dependent and more energy-efficient.

Mariner Rubinetterie still advances today the history-old legacy of practical knowledge that made the Lake District of Italian taps well-known worldwide.

Designed by adding its own distinctive touch to the local wealth of experience, a faucet Made in Mariner is the result of a work of refinement that spans across generations and continues to evolve.

Mariner Rubinetterie Factory

Every stage of production is overseen thoroughly, from design to production and from testing to assembling, so as to maintain a link of mutual trust between the manufacture and the buyer.

Why Us?
What distinguishes Mariner Rubinetterie is the holistic approach of the company towards its strategic priorities, a concept that does not result only in the research of importance and international recognition, but also in the creation of a large reservoir of domestic clients, with a view that sees the Italian market as a test bench for all the new products design.